Monday, September 21, 2009

really annoying

i start with A...end with Z. heh.. pa ku cakap ni~im starting with REALLY ANNOYING

really annoying when someone keep text-ing me, disturbing my life.luckily my digi is not too active right now.. im celcom user nowww ~~ :P..arghhh..podah~

really annoying if my sore throat not relief. -_____-

really annoying if my holiday gonna be one week only...

really annoying when I have to pretend something like it never happen. GILA

really annoying when my english getting worst. macam tak sekolah weh

really annoying when I can't stop myself from thinking of him.. bodoh!

really annoying with the facebooking people that keep on tagging me with the stupid things!! im cute.. im rich!!! uhhhhh... *add me on fb k.. just find my full name.*

really annoying .............. when i keep on listening to old songs....jiwang karat!!! uh

really annoying if i feel wanna fly somewhere......??? meet who? go and find by urself.

tips untuk hari ini : jangan terlibat dengan sosialisasi sebelum anda rasa menyampah! kerana rasa menyampah sangat lah menyakitkan hati. ah? ada kaitan ke? huhuhu
tolong-tolongg~~ jacccc!! please please think wiselyyyyyy~~ go and write on what is the goodness and the badness. wakakakakaka. go and sleep....sleepppp sheep..wkakakakaa.

p/s : angol di tgh malam. -___-

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