Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sorry po talaga

Sorry to my friends that not really understand what am I writing. I'll open a new blog that fully with Iban language even though my Iban is not good( as if i'm to free open a new blog in other language). If I still write in Iban sometimes, sorry ya. huhu. More to KUAK. wkakakaaka. There were certain people can't understand KUAK language. To rough. So, to my non-Iban friends, ehehehe.. kalau tidak faham, sila bertanya ya. wkaakaka

p/s : thanks Miss Sharifah Nurizah. Special shecdule from her.My name appear. hehehe. She looks fierce but she's nice and sweet. I'm proud to be one of her mentee. Dia suka marah-marah saya, but I know dia sayangkan saya. betul x miss? :D

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