Friday, July 18, 2008


Hoh... Damn shit. Ngeeee~~ I'm late again.. Not late but not submitted. yahhhh~~ I feel guilty to Sir Dennis actually. Actually,let's begin my story. I had my class Biochemistry Clinical this morning at 11.30am. But then, I didn't realize that my phone can't be use because of the worst low battery. Then, I'm lazy to find charger at all. So, Let it be like that until the morning. Owh nooo... Fyi, My phone OFF then my alarm not give me his sound. Uwaaaaa.. :(( Then, I woke up at 12. duhhh~~ -________________-""

It's so cold in the morning then I didn't realize that it's changing into afternoon section. Duh... menyesal banget sih... huhuhu~~

But I enter my practicum classes for today. B the way, I'm back from dinner with my family at Peach Garden BDC. You know what, I loves to eat DUMPLING there. Hahahah..Then, I promote you all for trying the foods and especially DUMPLING, what had I mention just now.hahaha..

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