Thursday, July 17, 2008

Hot sweet day

>> Absolutely Dress Gallery
Today 17 July 2008. I woke up a little bit earlier ..erm...about 8.00 am. I took my bath for about 30 minutes. 20 minutes for a simple make-up. 10 minutes for choosing the best wearing for today..-________________-. Is that too much? hahaha.. Fyi, our college having their Sciences Carnival for the DTMP student. I'm not sure whats going on actually because I didn't taking any part of the carnival. It's all about science. There were about 10 booth performing for their subject that had given away for them. I'm quite don't know about that. But then, there's some booth that you can check your body healthy. Like your diabetic, high blood pressure and others. It's quite interesting because we can see the SCIENCE WORLD actually. There's a quiz, games. Of course with their present. Even though it's only a CHEAP pen or some sweets, but it worth.

I'm with Kamalia actually. Then, I called Raula is it she wants to follow us or not? She's awoke from her beauty sleeping after TERKEJUT with my calling i think. hahahah... :) She ask me to call her again after 30 minutes and she'll decide. She's agree. Then, I picked her up about 11.00 am. We dropped again at college to bring her MELAWAT the carnival. But then, not to long, I drive to Hock Lee centre. The main point is to playing a GAMES. With the token that we haven't use from a last year. Unlucky us not be able to use the token. Hohhhhh :rolling eyes:.

Neither the token had been changes. Haiyooo., Rugi maa.. :(

>> Raula with her new stuff. -__________-

Then, we had our lunch at KFC which is situated at Sarawak Plaza. bla..bla...blaaa... I drove to Absolutely Dress Gallery. AGAIN!!! Owh Raula, you spent againnnnnn....... -____________________-
I want to shopped with you without any $$ come out from your purse. Can?? hahahahaha.. That's her hobby.. Hahaha.. What To do? Then, I'm looking any dress for 7 Ogos.. wohooooooooooooooo....!! I'm lovin' it. I think I got it. But *secret* OK.. Hahahaha...

We stepped out at that gallery about 1.15pm. I sent Kamalia to her hostel then Raula to her own home. I back home safely at 2.00 pm.. Hahahahaha..

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