Thursday, July 17, 2008

My 20th birthday

My 20th birthday. fast My age turn into 20 years old.. just for being whiles i feel that im use to be sweet 19..hahahah-______________- ya.. i got suprise party again. Just simple one. Its happen in the evening with all my beloved friends. But I feel something I wish my gendut besides me right now. :(

For the present, I got chocolate, sweets ( ahhahaah) , winnie the pooh, snoop dog.. hahahahah.. Thanks my friends. And my gendut... You owe me TEDDY BEAR okkkk.. Hahahahah... Fyi, I feel LAZY for blogging this night.. I'm so tired and I got my headache. Then, better I sleep now before my head become more worst.. Hohoho..

p/s: Me celebrate my birthday party with my parents at one of the restaurant in Kuching. :) Thanks Dad.. Thanks Mom...

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