Tuesday, July 15, 2008


You know what, I'm online at my library using the computer lab for sure. Make me feel annoying and HOT. Hahahahhah -_____________- How can I ever think that I'll be using this stuff to fill my free time. Damn bored using this stuff. So slow and even can't open any website that throughly go to any website that for teenagers fun like friendster, myspace, facebook, dll. 30 minutes left for me to enter my next and the last class for today. How I wish the time will be past through as fast as soon.. Hahahahahahah. Look likes it will be raining soon. Haduhhh.. -_________________-, me park my car so far from the main door of my college. I'll stuck in my college ok..hadohhhh... :((

p/s : get ready to my next class.. -___________________-

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