Monday, May 3, 2010

3rd month. :)

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY BABY FOR OUR 3RD MONTH OF OUR RELATIONSHIP..sound silly because just only for the 3rd month but for us, but no one never knew what am us go through for this 3 months. There are so many things that we need to face in reality. In fantasy we did it . :).. We still in process to know each other better. Give us some support for us to be more strong in this long distance relationship. God create a way for us to meet up, to know each other and not impossible that we're meant to be together. Hope so, Amen :)

Tonight I feel I wanna write something about us in this 3rd month anniversary. I know its sound silly. Weird relationship but what i knew is we belong together are not because of outside appearance. Both of us acceptable. I accepted him for who is he. I never change him to someone that I like. Not of because who he is. And i'm lucky he's the very understanding person and he accepted me for who am i not for who i am. U got it? He never tried to change me being someone else. Most of the time, I feel comfortable.

baby, u have to know that I will always love u.. no matter what... we're like brother sister instead of being couple for this 3 month....whenever u need me, i will always be there for you. We'll meet each other soon. :) We have so many story that we still keep in our heart box. I cant wait for that moment :) Love u b..

Mahal kita. Gusto kong mabuhay sa iyo. Gusto kong bumuo ng isang masayang pamilya sa inyo.. sa pagkakaroon ng sa iyo, ang aking puso bagyo pagkatalo. Ko ipagpalagay na ibinigay ng pagkakataon na ihayag ng isa sa pangungusap isa hininga, maaari ko lang sabihin na mahal kita. :)

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