Thursday, September 18, 2008

what women want?

Let's make it short... nothing special in my life today. therefore, i'm free today. I have no paper for today. I miss Sarah so much.. She's back to Miri Last night.. Hoh... Kecian dia taw... Not to story about her personal.. Lets keep it as a secret ok..heuheuheu...

  • wake up about 9.00 am.
  • mum babbling waking me up for accompany her to 5th miles and 7 miles..
  • I have to because puteri pisang was not feeling well.
  • luckily i dont have to drive kancill...sooooo wek :P..hahahah
  • our journey first of all to bought mum's flower stuff. ah... kerja pekebun bunga... how would i know apa dia beli maa....
  • then, having our lunch... you know what.. Im starving bah kut teh? mum shock... i thought u are least eating B***. ah..lantak jak la ooo..hehe
  • then shop's some of myne and mum stuff. ah..make up baru..purse baru :P best... yg penting mum pay for it..heuheuehehueheuhe
Me back home then on9 fo a while.. Im lazy sit in front of my laptop and on9. Really-really lazy dowh... after dinner, i walk to popo house.. and eat some hand made jem of popo.. Quite good.. hueheuheue.. ahhh kenyang..then? im at home now on9 for a while and write something on this wall. hehe.. ah.. byeee...INTAN.. haha

-nites everybody-
May God Bless U

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