Wednesday, September 17, 2008

when i call him MR Bean :D

wohoooooooooooooooooo!! I'm happy.. Today is the last paper for the first week of final exam.. Woot woot... yahh until next week Wednesday.. Hehehe. 2 paper left then.. But it's not hard than this 3 papers done already... Hehehe.. Haihh.. I feel so depressed. 3 days for 3 papers. No rest at all. So, I can feel the holiday laaa.. haha.. in my dream la... one more week flew away.. cepat-cepat... Miri calling.. wahahahahaha. No lah.. Just in my holiday mood already. 5 month for 1 semester give me much preassure. So, I think 1 month ++ more than enough for me to refresh my life.. woahhhh!!! I need refreshing.

4 semester overall, this is the tough semester that i ever been. 3 papers that i've done for this 3 days make me blurring enough.

  • why is it so tough?
  • i cant give my 100% attention to the lecturer.
  • Why my class is not same with my frens?
  • haduh...can i get extra notes pleaseeeeee........
  • can our lecturer x pilih kasih pleaseeeee... haha.. i know im naughty.. nahhh~~~

My cuzzies alwaysss 'hoii..update ur blog la.. i want to read.. ' -_____________________- pembaca setia meh? hahahahahahha.. I'm exam la dearest cuzzies. haiyaa....This night, i have MORE MORE free times.. So, im writing something on this wall. PUAS? wek :P

After finishing my exam, me lepak with my dearest friends at their hostel.. We cerita-cerita about pondan u know.. apuuu....1 hour chatting, i feel like 1 minutes... GILA bha.. Thanks jenn, becca,mike for cheering me.. hahah.. Lucu cita kamu org tu bha... lain kali cerita lagi ya..haha

Then me, jenn, syil n lyea went to bazaar ramadhan at 7 miles not far from BDC. ahhh.. Supposed be lyea memenuhkan tgn... But me?? mengalahkan org puasa... ahahha...

Ahh...daddy calling 3 times? ah...i call him back.. haha.. just asking where am i now.. apodahhh....then me back home.. ah... my mum la bedal the kuih...hahah.. superpower for meal..apuu mami..control urself... 155cm 61kg.. OVERWEIGHT. behave urself..padan muka doktor marah sih.. -________________________-

ahh.. my dad call again.. MAKAN LUAR.. heee :D
bla bla bla.. kenyang balik.. wahahaha...


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