Saturday, September 27, 2008

Kuching Big Jam

Stuck in a jam again again n again. Annoying me much.. hohh!~ I have my final paper today which is on 8.00am this morning.. Quite tough but OKAY la.. Finally.... i feel soooo good... I finished my paper about 1 and a half hour.. the paper should be taking 2 hour to finished all the question but i'm always be the couple of student that finished earlier.. hehehe :D I cant dare to sit in that class... so freezing... :((

I'm back home about 9.20am this morning.. I took my bath, wash my hair, having my lunch and go back to college. I'm going to the bus terminal for buying a ticket to Miri this coming sunday with lyea and jenny. Then three of us having our lunch at KFC at 3rd miles..

hohhh... Look like that Kuching having a big JAM today.. woot woot!!! i can't even breathe well with the stuck situation. First in my life, I've seen The Spring put a sign board ' FULL CAR PARK' woot woot!!!~~ i dont dare to drive one whole kuching.. I hateee jammm... fuh~~~

Actually im waiting for winnie... She's from sri aman with her friends drove to kuching just for shopping raya.. ahahahahahahahahahahahahah... and the other one is i want to meet her. For a long time, we have no jodoh to meet, finally I meet her.. Hahahaha.. she's CUTE, cool,, bestttttttttttttttttttt.. winnie kanji.. i love u laaa... next time we lepak again k.. heuehue.. sorry i cant make it to long just now... my dad call for having a dinner together. :( Make sure we can make it next time ok? hehe..

My adopted sis inform me that nya kenak pickpocket eh ritok kat india street.. Tedah kitak.. sikpa lah..ada hikmah di bulan ramadahan lah ya k..

Need to sleep now.. Nites dude.. :P

-May God Bless U-

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