Thursday, September 25, 2008

Knock her head. :|

Lately it's so hot. Even I can't ever breathe well with this dry and hot place. I got flu yesterday and one whole night. Really annoying me very much... oahhh... last paper will be on this saturday. woot!! I really-really can't wait.. Me want holiday.. Too much preassure. But woot oot! i'll be at miri next week.. Huehueheuheuehu.. menyelam sambil minum air..wahhahahaaaa

Last night, I'm being like a mosquito.. follow my parents went to the cinema... MOVIE DAY!! watch 21. huh!!.. Much fun. If i can be like him...genius in mathematic and i can play card very well, how i wish i can be a rich GIRL in this country.. hahahahahhahhahha. We came back at 11pm last night. GOod films. Love it.

I mad at my sister last night. She's really egois, hypocrite and damn **** too much. She don't want responsible about what happen in my room last night eventhough she use to online in my room. She's at home lastnight. Not following us. Of course if she's at home... the naughty, stupid cat will be at the house for sure. The cat pass urin bottom of my bed. And my bolster and my blanket get wet. Luckily my teddy, my pillow not in the same place. So only the certain things get wet.. How dare that she doesn't know the cat is in the house because once i get into the house i can see the black stripes one in the house. Sialan punya orang... From now on, i wont let her on9 in my room.. F*** of laaa.... she's really annoying me so much..

this is the one who pass urin at my bed... ciss

I went to syil's hostel just now to do something nor repairing something in her laptop.. I just ask my dad to send me there. So, less than 1 hour my dad call fetched me up. So, i follow him.. Bla bla bla.. so hottttt... i'm dad's secretery.. :D

Now i'm at home waiting the clock turning to 2.00pm.. hahahahah..

Pleaseeeeee rain.. hahaha.. it's really hot here... I don't dare to get out for much time. I won't..huhuh...

-May God Bless U-

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