Tuesday, September 23, 2008


2 parts OK.. yesterday and today.

  • I'm just like woahh... where is my notes btw?
  • I can't searching any of my parasitology notes. woahh.. it's just like about 12.30 pm.
  • I call my friends to make a copy of his notes and send it to me.. Hehehehe..
  • I'm just like Fuh!!. Thanks.. If I realize that I have no notes in the middle night, what will happen to me now?
  • better me terjun sungai sarawak OK..haha..

  • This the another problem, what the hell that I thought that i'll be sit in for the parasit exam at 8.00am. hahaha... it started late than the time that i've thought.
  • OMG... thanks God. I have so many free times for me to make a short revision.. hehehe :D
  • My N76 make a new problem. :(( I loves that phone, if can, I want to change a new one of N76. But,my dad will cut my head., :|. I'm using N73 now. huhu..
  • fuh!! i have one more paper left... me want a holiday :))

p/s sayang manas with me again. :((


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