Monday, July 28, 2008

I describe myself.

♥ im a kind of childish and spoiled but i can be very mature if i have to.♥

♥Im really talkactive and i love to be surround by many people.. love to be the center of attention for a good reason. ♥

♥Rose up at KucHiNg,SaRaWaK as a mixed girl is how I lead my own specific broken life.♥

♥I'm beautiful in my own way and yes, I am a unique person. I love the way I look.♥

♥Music is part of my life, and i spend alot of my time on the INTERNET and watching Movie, oh also shopping♥

♥GOD, friends and family are everything for me♥

♥I intended to not fall for any guys because I have been adoring a man who is two years older than me and I dare to say I love him for who he is now.And He's mind now.♥

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