Monday, November 10, 2008

excuse mee!!

SHE dissappointed me and her friends as well.. Ya when she says dont care about her.. What did her friends feel and what did I feel to as her ******.

Ok.. if u want. me and ur friends will not care about u anymore. Don't ever MINTA TOLONG from me n ur friends anymore. _ _ _ _ , I know her dissappointed u so much. But another time don't ever TOLONG her anymore. Let she handle all her problem alone. She's don't know how to appreciate ur helpness and kindness. She'll deserve her right for this.

Now, me buat bodo and i buat that nothing happens now. Let's wait n see. For budak kaca mata hitam.. sampai bila2 i wont like u.. I hate u as much i hate taik lembu u know.. u know how jerk taik lembu di mata manusia? u are same like taik lembu.. because of u.. our relationship like muka u... tak la hencem mana... student degree? ewwwww.... pegi blaaa laaaaaaaaa.

I feel sad with myself and my FRIEND...


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