Monday, November 10, 2008

he's loser

Again, I'm so stressed about this life. From the beginner and lately, i don't know why the problem always behind my back.. It's too hard actually but i try to survive until it resolve. HE, SHE, MR, MRS always give my head on ache. Certain friends, my baby knew and feel what happen with me.. haiyaaaaaa...

To MR.... I'll try to be good on u. I'll try to be the best student and PROFESSIONAL student. I knew it's damn hard but at least i'll try. I'll give u a second chance for u to realize and u have to/ try to make the differences between personal and PROFESSIONAL. This is the last chance for u. Don't be regret if I've done something wrong on u.

First class make my day brightly.. wkakakkakakaka... she's damn good. I'll be the best student on u. :]


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