Tuesday, November 11, 2008

aku antap sial. hahahaha..

Let me story to u all what happen today.. Hahahaha.

Ok.. I have my class with UHA as my tutor. I langsung x pandang muka dia tau.. Hahahaha.. I just talking-talking to my friend at the back and cuci mata to the pool sometimes to the gym. For your information, our college nearby to Stampark and Gym. He's not starting the class actually. Just cakap benda bukan-bukan and Zero. Biasalah first class. Until (00.00am)-not to detail ma,. baru we all go out. So bored.. I know he sindir me. Yelling nonsense and see me. Tp i buat bodo.. Nothing happen. apa lagi kalau bukan sindir.. I can failed u anytime i want. Hoh? I can't believe he can told us like that.. so ridiculous. damnn!! Try for the second change. hahaha.. Your pleasure ma.

For one hour, he yellin' and told us nonsense. Damn bored. Haiya, Edison...luckily u didn't enter the class just now. damn bored ma.. haiyaaaaa.. Sukati me la.. I pay u ma..

I hope after this i wont write anything about that SUPERMAN anymore. Just menyemak my blog actually. But i cant stand with UHA eksen-nes. Just feel wanna kill himmmmm... haihhhh :-@

My baby send his lappy again for formating.. kecian my sayang. always send his lappy to the HOSPITAL.. wow? hehehe... He membazir his $$$ again with wireless stuff. Just don't want to BERGADUH with his sister. His sister at miri now.. Finishing her study lolz.. So need to sharing the streamyz stuff. Before this he's alone using the streamyx.. As u wish sayang.. janji u bahagia. Huhuhu..

Nan da yo.. Madagascar is coming.. Me want to watch it today.. by hook or by crook.. I'll paksa daddy to go and watch.. harharharharharhar....i'm tired and I want to sleep.. da!! c ya


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