Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Chinese New Year 1st Day

yesterday : playing with the cat :D

:D Happy Chinese New Year

take a picture before asking ang pow from the older..hahahaha

with my sayang..my cat :D

stephanie with wan (leonard)
me with cutie ( deffiny nara ) ndun..wakkaka
ndun with amit..haha
me with dedeq.. the gangster.
family dinner a day before chinese new year
adults ( orang tua ) gossips
she's the princess in the family :D
new in the family..he's cute :D

p/s : I just can post some of the picture. I'll update tomorrow ( sorry guys). I'm sleepy and tiring. I want to sleep now. Good nights budd. Today is the busy-est day in the earlier year 2009. :)

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