Saturday, January 24, 2009

fresh orange

Today I woke up early. I don't know why and I don't feel that I want to continued my sleeping beauty after 8.00am. I woke up and I received a message from Lily.

Lily : Jac, where is the best place to pluck my eye brow?
Me : I think Passion saloon because ola also pluck her eye brow at that place and it look nice and cheaper.
Lily : Ok.. Do you have free time?
Me : for what? I think I'm not free because I have so many things to do. Wash my hair, wash my car to his own saloon..wakakak..
Lily : I know you wash your hair to passion. So, If u have arrive, tell me and I'll get along.
Me : Ok.

Then, I took my bath as soon as possible and I ask my sis to accompany me. She doesn't want and I ask Fen to come with me. Luckily she's agree. :D Ada jugak teman aku.hhuhuhuu.. I came to the saloon and i ask for washing my hair.. cleaning all the germs.. chewah... fyi, no germs k. wkakakakaak... just a joke. and the taukey said that the price will increase. So hoh??? Usually RM 15 but just now RM 18. Pluck eye brow = RM 7, Just now RM 9. Wahhh. see? just OK la hoo.. Even wash my GREEN LIL QKQ, double price, normally RM9 then X2 = RM18 free mandarin orange..wkakakaka.. But I don't care. Not like the car wash nearer to my house. RM24 but still dirty. piiii.. I wont jejakkan kaki for a second time for being their stu**** customer. ciss.. I don't think so I can wash the car that 3 weeks not taking his bath. So I'd just decide to send him to the car wash. Mesra, cepat dan bersih. walaweh..! haha. But cilakak!! on the way back home HUJAN!!!! I hate hujan. Back home me quickly lap the car. Kotor babik!!!

Both of us tapau KFC for our lunch. I belanja her a set of snack plate for lunch.. Kasian dia terpaksa jadi bodyguard saya.. dengar saya membebel dan sebagainya. And of course I'm membebel with karenah pemandu-pemandu Kuching yang tidak bertauliah ( sesetengah sahaja ) . haha...

Having our lunch together at my house. Then she's back home. ME?? Sleeping like a cat. HAhahahaha. So tired. You must know what did I feel about the traffic and jam like a hell. Lebih-lebih lagi nearer to Chinese New Year eve. So tired. And I unsastified about my lecturer and the college. They give us just 2 days of holiday. It's not enough la. 3 days must be enough. KEJAM!! And some of the lecturer give an assignment and need to be complete- next week by Thursday. KEJAM jugak!!! :(( I feel want to cry. Tp hidup kena diteruskan. :(( I'll stay at the library for a few days to complete the task had been given.

Last week, I bought a cute little dress for this coming Chinese New Year. Standby for my next post. Important-ly I cant wait for popo ah.. ang pow lai lei...eventhough I'm old enough. whahahahaha :D

I've babbling too much la. I'm still blogging and yes I have my free time now so that You can see i'm breathing. My blog quite boring this few weeks. But, i'll try to make my reader satisfed. HUEhuehueheu.. Ada meh?
Ok, I want to layan my other half of alien. I know he's patience - able person whole waiting for me replying his message. Sorry darl. Huhuhu.. just a few minutes. :D

p/s : congratulation to my friends@aunty, Isabella for her wedding this night with her lovely husband , Jeff. My God Bless You. All happiness is yours.


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