Wednesday, January 28, 2009

story life of the queen

First Day of Chinese New Year. As usual, chinese new year will be the busy - est day in the early of the year. Chinese New Year is the year of the ox. There were 3 family members birth on this year of the ox which is Leonard ( Wan ) - 12 years old, his mom - 36 years old and my aunty ( my daddy sister) - 48 years old. I feel wanna sick right now - seriously. Tomorrow I won't enter my class. Ponteng for one day. Which is I'm so tired and exhausted. As you'll can see my latest post ( picture), I took a few picture for my readers to feel the happiness in Jee's family. :D You know who you are.

First day, I can't breath well. Well !!! The earlier I woke up.. thats mean the pengabang also make it earlier. Like usual, just sempat get an ang pow from grandma. wah!! This year naik saham XD. Thanks nenek. It's our proposal actually. Mimpi jadi realiti. Hahahahahaha. But have to save. No membazir please. My friends also have came la. Yang I tak sangka is Alvin with Shirley!!. Haiyoo.. miss shirley.. Lama tak jumpa. Since year 6.. Past 9 years ago.Hahahah.. So many story that came out from their mouth about our ex classmate since year 1-6. Christy had been married with 2 child also Jonathan with a baby boy. Hahahaha.. Congratulation to them.

When will be my turn? hahahah.. lucu.. lamak lagik oi... but this year make me jerk about someone that we can call TWIJA!!!!!! Make me wan
na vomit. so gedikk!!!!!. You know who you are... expecially my readers know who is she... wakakakakak... forget about her. She's a jerk. Muda-muda lagi dah nak menjahanamkan diri sendiri. :P

Second day of Chinese New Year

Also the same. So many people. Haiyaa... Na
k tido pun tara dapat. Luckily I have NDUN ( deffiny nara) which is she's my cute little cuzzy. She's 4 years old. Talkative, happy go lucky, hyperactive. Hahaha.. She's our princess - the only one smallest person in our family members. She woke me up at 10.30am just now. Hahahaha.. cepat-cepat I mandi and get along with her. heheheh..

What I can say is people here and there. So many too crowded. But I don't care. This is CNY
eve, should be like that. No people no happening right? I'm sick. uwaaa :(( I really-really not feel comfirtable. I want to sleep now and I have to stop blogging right now!! Not forget, I was back from Akik Charlie, Uncle Pitoi father birthday party. His 58th birthday party. But no uncle Pitoi around there. Sayang nyaaaa my uncle is not there. Hahahaha. Simple party but happening. :)Pitoi!! I set a picture just for you . :D

Ok guys!
Goodnights all.
see ya later.

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