Wednesday, January 28, 2009

chill out with jandaku XD

I woke up at 9.30am. I use to enter my class after the holiday. But what i've seen is the college seems empty. So, I call chasya to keep accompany me for having my lunch and chill out together. So I fetch her at her house ( Batu 4) . I wait for her about 15 minutes.

Firstly, we went to Tun Jugah ha? opposite to Sarawak plaza. I can't remember what is the place. And I having my lunch. Chasya DIET.. wkakaak... she's already eaten so I eat alone. Actually want to have my lunch at McD but it's rainy and I feel lazy to get over the rain and get wet. sorry OK. huhuhu. Then, we went to Parkson for buying her friends armani deodorant. Actually for her friends boyfriend. The deodorant cost RM90. huhuh.

Blalalalala. We went to Satok. Apa lagiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! karaoke and play some game... Can release my tensionnn!! wa cakap sama luuuu!!!! huhuhuhu. we karaoke 5 each songs and play the game.. Racing car and motorcycle. But I loose for 2 games.. piiirahhhh!!! I came back home ( tak ingat kelas dibatalkan..nyanyuk wai ) and SLEEP after play around with my cute little princess. :D. I want to upload some video tp lama laaa nyahhhhhh... so ZERO.

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chasya said...

hahahaha...cilakak..ada jugak ini...pit!!! baka aku xulih ngaga blog that time...xlaptop n internet ba kuching la katakan