Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mother's Day to my mummy :D

Happy Mother's Day. Sometimes u annoyed me. Sometimes, i don't like when u are yelling at me like a monster. huuuu... U are the most wonderful woman in my life. The most prettier ( for me) woman I ever knew.. I don't give a damn about what people said about u. I never care how u treat me. What I know is, U give birth to me... how hard it is, u still want to see me alive in future. I'm sorry for what I did before. I'm not a perfect daughter, but I want you to know that, what am I doing is just to see u happy and more happy. I'm willing to do anything for you. so, guys, if your mother keep annoying you, just ignore it, ignore their yell, their anger, everything that u don't like. I know everything u did just for ur daughters but sometimes u failed to do that.. haha. Because deep in their heart, they love u so much. The most important thing in my life is my family.. After that will be anyone :)

Sound weird when I describe my mum as good as what u read above. hahahha. She never knew I love her so much.. Ego eh. ahahahahah. But trust me mum, i did all this stuff just for you. I promise to myself, in future, you don't have to feel the hardest life ever anymore. What you do is just take care of your grandchild. hahahahahaha. I want something from u mum.. can I? hahahaha.. i want you to slow down your anger, stop yelling. hahahaha.. ah...i don't think so, just now she's yelling at me again. hahahaha. good job mum.

U never knew this.. I LOVE U SOO MUCH.. :)

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