Thursday, April 15, 2010

again...sore throat. huhu

I don't know what happen to the weather.. I still in my previous topic...about weather.. eeee... i recovered my voice already.. I can speak but in the hard way..... i tried to throw out my voice this one whole day.. huhuu. Without my romantic voice, I can't meet my customer, I even can't answering the phone. pity me :(( sorry to my bosssyyyy.... I can't do anything at the moment. hheee :P

I miss the two monyet..There were at Sibu .. Lucky me when I got no voice, they were not around. Terok la kene pak kalau mereka ni ade weh...balit cepat weh.. :D

stress out in the office. eee...

I met wafi for past few days. teeheee .. miss u wafi..kakak rindu wafi aiee..eeee..

Btw, there's an invitation to SHS dinner which is Miss Efida proposed me to join. And I asked Lily to join me. I hope she's willing to go.. Eeee.. sikda geng, sik pian i Mok pegi. huhu .. on 30 april..cun after i come back from Kota Kinabalu.

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