Tuesday, April 6, 2010

updated while being disaster

*update* update*** suara jahat yang berkumandang. what on earth i'm doing now. ? totally i have no time to spend with others. there is saturday neither sunday on every weekend, but still not enough for me to give some space for myself to hangout with my friends. maybe there's something wrong going on with my biological life. wkakakakak. by the way, i just wanna tell that this job is really tough. This is the way i learn to be more patient. on what ever condition, we have to be patient. and then, im the only girl. haha.. The other girl just stay at the office and do the clerical stuff. And she's keep complaining about stay at the office alone doing nothing. I tell u, I rather to stay at the office la amoi. huhuhu... but what to do, i'm the one will be the poker face. hahahaha. ishh.. ((:

Btw, i got a new laptop. I really need a new laptop. huhu.. Just the simple one. :) i need it for my travelling.. other else, it would be easier for me and others to send a data to my email. I repair the old laptop for gaming. hahaha. ishh..

mine is white . hehe :)

Everybody keep asking me what type of job did i do.. what can i say is, i'm just a KULI. huhuhu. i thinks its clear already. hahaha..

I think enough for now.. *sak jak bersarang 3 weeks to come*. hahaha,,i miss my college time :((.. really..

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