Sunday, August 16, 2009


sayur sabah with chicken thai.. (sour, spicy, yummy)Pari with it's sauce. very delicious. I tell u

Sotong masak entah la.. huhu.. bau arak sikit. so i tak leh la.huhu
Oppsss..forgot with my soup.. huhuhu.. Because its serve at the last minute. heh.. Yesterday, we were going to the Boulevard for purchasing my mum's stuff. After that, we went to having our late dinner at seafood restaurant around bdc. :)) as usual...common place headed. :)).. oh.. I met Bunsu Gina with her family also having their late dinner at the same place with us. :) greeting each other and bla bla bla.. :)

As is saturday and I had my class this morning. u know what...malas actually.. huhuh.. I met my friends at JJ cafe for a while. Then I came back home. started to close my eyes then for a nap....ahhh NO WAY!! daddy cool calling asked me to fetch my little huh SISTER from her college. Keciann, kena hantar to the college because no licence. So how to drive ley? Her purse was with me then. HAHAHAHA. HAHAAH for her.. SOB SOB SOB for me. cause? takleh tido siang ar. huhuhu. I asked mum to go along with me.. Tak la aku mengantok dalam kereta.. ada juga tlg bercakap. harhar. balik fetching my sis...SINGGAH LAGIIII!! huh! when ley I can sleep..huhu.. Ada lagi purchase something.. her lotion...bla bla bla..singgah market..bla bla bla.. boringg!. huhu

Ok2...I have something to tell yah.. Today is my cuzzy best day in the world.. I guess so.. huhuhu. I dont have the picture lar. I'll curi from her ka..but not today.. when can i get that??? huhu.. She's from science faculty in bachelor ( nursing ).... had her convocation today.. congratulationnnnn!! >,<

bila la aku amik semangat tu kannnn... harhar...isk

Today juga my aunt's birthday... 48th .... harhar.. so tua kan??? but she looks younger ok! U see by urself lar..... believe it or not? harhar... tonight : birthday party + kenduri for the selamat graduation day. heh! gud lar hoo.. Im tired now and im gonna sleep... need to go to the village with mummy tomorrowwwww!!! I can't wait to meet my BOYFRIENDDDDD, RAPHAEL SLODIQ!!! I'll post his picture tomorrow... What old is he??? 4 month. >,< cuteee u knowwww!! like me :P

gudnite everybody.. :P

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