Wednesday, August 12, 2009

daily 1

Much better for me today. :')

I really can breathe well today. Today my mum cooked using the steamboat properties. harhar. as if she didnt cook using that stuff, we had to having our dinner again at outside. or TAPAU or bla bla. Lejuk . harhar. u see what happen to our kitchen... having our meal outside doesnt mean that MALAS but had the only BEST reason in the world. wkaak.

harhar. what happen to our kitchen? >,<

lesung batu. >,<

but today is my rezeki. :P ... after my parasitology class had been dismissed ( my lect have to come back early because of her flight will be on 8pm tonight) , my friend Misot ( Kamisah ) asked me for an early dinner. huhu.. so, i said yes and we had our meal at AZIE CORNER. sapa diam bdc tauk lah. harhar. Misot were having her fried rice with chicken, roti canai and soya bean. Me having my canai sardin with bandung. :) just a canai because of acompany her for having her meal. She stays at the hostel and she didn't manage to make her own dishes. huhuhu. so makan kedai la jawab nyer.

harhar..malu ler

Today i feel a little bit free. There's no assignment nor tutorial waiting / pending in time. So, I can rest for a few days. who knows tomorrow will be a nightmare for me. harhar.

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