Tuesday, March 31, 2009

yelling at me! LOL

Today, I came to the first class for this semester. Woahhh!!!! ramainya orang!!! about 40++ per/class. Quite bored and messy, the number of people is soo big. I'm not pay my attention for miss grace. Hello!!!!

Crowded :|

Then I having my lunch with shirley at siang-siang BDC. Ngee~~ don't want to go far away because we have only 1hour to having our lunch. Hehehe.. Then, continued my other class with Miss Rahani, Sosiology. Huh!! Nahh~~~*no comment*

Finished our class about 3.00pm and Q up with other student to take my HIDUP MATI . LOL. result...ok. hehehe... My CGPA increaseeee... jyeahhhhh!!! Straight B. Lol. Xpuas ati. where is my A??? more hardworkind Jaccc!! please!!!! =p~ cepat-cepat I call Malih for it. :D You are a good girl now!! :P

Fasterr!! I cant wait. Ngee~~

I'm so happy until I volunteer to wash the car. Yohhhhhh.. Hehehe.. It's clean already.. :P Sayang, thanks for the RM10 ( topup) heuheuhue. I'm waiting for my aunty to fetch me and sending aunty cindy to the clinic. Deman katanya. So, today, no TUITION, yes CLINIC. huhuhu.

My dad will go to genting in a few days. I want to go. :( huhuhuhu. I'll update more later. cyaa~~

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