Monday, March 30, 2009

Today outfit

This night a little bit boring for me. Aku ngena jaku ribai duluk auk. huhuhu.. Wait and see. LOL. If i make it rojak probably? I have no class today. Today is Monday. And I had no class. Just what i wrote in my past entry, I had my class on Tuesday and Thursday only. So, bohoooo for me.

Like always, I wake up at 12.15pm. Took my bath and ate my lunch. Bla bla bla. I had no mood for everything. everything messy!!! I took my second bath at 6.00pm. Hehehe. I have to washing my hair which is IT's SOOOOO ITCHY. Full with dandruf!! LOL. Shameless. hehe. Everytime I wash my hair, It will take about 30 minutes for me to wash everthing. Hehehe. If not, It will take me about 10 minutes to take my bath. wakakakakakkaaa. Bla bla bla.. I forgot that aunty sharon had ask for my help to send her sister-my form 5 aunty to the tuition centre. OMG!!!!!!! I haven't done everything. I'm still with my towel , I haven't DONEEE!!! uwaa :(( My aunty yelling FAST FAST. Lol. My outfit- shorts and T. Slippers. and BAng hair.I cant even use my lense. :(( not that much time and I have to drift along the way. hehehe.. sorry aunty.

Then we had our dinner at 4th miles. We having our claypot chicken rice. I don't prefer the dish. . But I finished it. how? LOL.


aunty sharon :)

Then, we went my aunty's home lepak with uncle boy, ding, saan, and nenek ( aunty's mother). Lepak until 9.00pm. Saan volunteer to be our driver. hahahaha... Thanks God. hehe. So, I can relax. bla bla bla. Saan drove to his brother's house, Lawrence to bla bla. I also don't know and back I have to drive again. isk isk isk. Then we back home and I play with my BOYFRIEND. hehe.. he's soooo cute!! Like me. don't agree???? ada aku kisah?

saan kabur. LOL. Aunty sharon's home sweet home.

samseng ku. LOL.. BOYFRIEND ku tok. hehe
setin ambis air x nyamai tok.. huhuh. Inik suka merik air tok. Who wants, ask for nenek... haha. 2 crack bottom of her bed. haha

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Emilio said...

Good Bloog my friend!! Congratulations!!

good luck!! See you!