Friday, January 2, 2009

43th birthday

Today is my dad's birthday! I think he told me he was turning 43??!! Plus 20 is probably more like it. :-) Happy Birthday Daddy.

Of all the men in the whole wide world
Whose praises are sung out loud,
There is no man whom I respect more
Or of whom I am more proud.

Throughout the years you’ve worked so hard
To provide us a happy life;
You’ve been there to help and give advice,
And you did it all without strife.

That is why on this day each year,
I pray all your wishes come true;
Today we celebrate your life,
So Dad, Happy Birthday to you.

Happy birthday to the best dad I know,
A father I love and respect,
A dad who fulfills all his duties
To teach, to guide, to protect.

If everyone had such a father,
A really good dad like mine,
The world would be so much better,
It would look like God’s own design.

Since today’s his birthday I’ll tell you some stuff about him and a funny memory or two. He's good in making funny. Huehuehuehue. His favorite stress - working 12 hours a day. Hahahaha. He wakes up earlier than us - his daughter. His favorite food in the morning - eggs, bread, a cup of coffee. He married a lovely woman named Johep who he’s lucky to have. She’s a keeper! syhh.. hahahaha... An if he can’t find something for himself to do she’ll help him out.

Hmm.. every moment, every decision, he'll be the most sporting. He'll support us in everything positive decision. Not a big deal for us. I tell you he's the best. :D Every weekend, our dinner place will be outside from our house. Huehuehuehue.. But now, since he make his medical check-up, us seldom-ly dinner at any place. Just for his healthy condition. He won't eat chicken, pork, neither lamb or something that in high cholestrol. Huhuhuh. :P

Dad, I pray the Lord blesses you with another year of good health, wisdom, and memories. May this year be more wonderful than the last! Thanks for your love and the memories i have. I hope we’ll make lots more together this year. I love you! xoxo

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