Thursday, May 15, 2008

I met my SMS fren today...ahakss

I Met MohD HaFriZ SukRi toDay. HohOhO... For The First Time Of course KEKOK. But HIM the most one lor :) . Me as usual.. After finishing my class at 2 p.m me, zul n cedrine AS soon as possible going to Taman Matang Jaya Lorong 6A3 to meet him. Hoho.. Same with the picture that he gives me.. hahahaha...Then, Apih FolloW Us To Pasir Pandak. Hoh.. Pendiam lor.. ngaa~~
Nevermind lor.. He Don't Feel Comfirtable with us because Of our language (BAHASA sarawak) lol...Pity On Him..hoh..

Very Tired Today.. Ngaa~~~ Arrived at home 5p.m.. Taking My Bath n as soon as possible SLeeping..hahahaha.... Wake up at 7p.m for my dinner..hahahhaahahah..

Dats all for today.. So tired.. Have to submit all of my assignment for tommorrow evening. Next week Final ^^

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