Sunday, December 28, 2008

3rd of Christmas

Today nothing much happen on my daily frog.. haha :D Wake up at 9.00am. Suddenly thinking about the puppies not given their bath after this 3 days from 24 December. Haiya.. Amit is not here. Followed her parents to Sibu if I'm not mistaken. hauheuhaeuaheu.. I don't really know what's going on actually. hueheuhue.. After bla bla bla with Bb, I back home wihout any sleepers on my foot, brush my teeth and doing my bathroom activities. hahahahah.. No body at home this morning. They were going to the Douglos Ship at Pending. Just me don't wan t to follow them. Just too tired coz ngabang one whole day yesterday. Then, I cooked some fried rice to fill my empty-stomach. 10-15 minutes, they came back with a few books from the ship. Unhealth stomach,I don't feel good with my own condition, I sleep again at 12 pm. Until 2.30 pm. My cute aunty called me then asking me either I had free time for accompany her to buy her stuff and ngabang to her friends' house. So I just say OK. She fetched me at 4.00 pm and we started our journey to her friend's house at Tabuan Dayak. Just not a friend. As she told me just HER is from dad's village. She knows my dad. This is the conversation:

aunty : this is my niece. Aaron's daughter.
Woman : ooo... she's grew up. Last I saw Aaron, he's smaller than her, just a small kid still playing around. :)
Me : heheheheeh :D

After 30 minutes later, we had our move. I drove her viva. My aunty just always like that. huhuhu.. We make our moved to the 7th miles. I send her to the maybank for withdraw some money. I just waited for her a couple of minutes. Then we went to the 6th miles everrise, bought some woman stuff. Hahahaha :D. Singgah at shell batu 4 la kali for loading some petrol.hehehe. Then, went to Wisma Saberkas bought a new hp for her mom ( my nenek muda). Just a simple hp. Nokia 1680. Simple and colour screen. Just a simple handphone for nenek. bla bla bla. we take a couple minutes and review a guitar.. heuehuehu.. I want to buy the rm560 guitar. The sound's great. :) I'll ask uncle to bought it for me. :) Then, both of us had a makan-makan at siang-siang corner at BDC. And lastly, singgah to the BDC's everrise. I bought a simple T cost rm 22.90. Using for my daily. Aunty Sharon bought a jeans for herself. Bought tapau chicken rice to uncle boy. huaeheaueau.. We back home.. :) so tired :) But satisifed . As long as not terperuk at house. Boleh GILA. I need something freshing. :D Thanks aunty bring me along jalan-jalan.. Just 2 of us but feel good. :)

P/s : Friends, can you tell me how to make a good and lasting relationship? I want some tips. :(


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