Thursday, June 12, 2008

Bored day =.=""

For a few days I havent updating my blogger. Erm..One whole day playing wedding dash.. Just Now Florence message me and ask me to accompany her to our secondary school to take our certificate.. Hurm.. Then, she suddenly tell me that her father will accompany her to or school..up to her for sure. I feel like to Jalan-Jalan cari makan la.. But.. heee :D

uwaaa... Next week should be my class will be started. Hurmm... More holidays please.. Hahaha.. for sure will be heating with the STUDY PREASSURE..hahhahahahha..Study Attack?? or heart attack? hee :D

To Martin my Sengal fren in my class...But not the nex
t class.. He will be studying at Community College for sure. Started from now.Damn..sure miss him..hahahah..Of course martin i'll miss u.. U are my good friend.. Hahahah.. Palak.. Im sure.. ill be with hezron after this..huhuhu.... uwaaa....


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