Saturday, June 7, 2008

After 2 weeks, My aunty back again to KAPIT

2 weeks on holiday, My aunt back again to Kapit. As usual, every month she'll be at Kuching for her own holiday..Haaaaahahahaha.. I Think She's Penolong Kanan At SK Lepong Gaat Kapit.. Im not very sure either she's penolong kanan or guru besar.. :D She always want to bring me to her school but I refuse...hehehehe...Not refuse actually but me have no time to get along with her to her school. She's start teaching at SK Lepong Gaat since im in Form 2. My grandma stay alone so im the one who sleep with him from im 14 until im 18 years old..I have to stay at home to give 100% commitment to my study instead my grandma house is not to far.. JALAN KAKI jer la..hahaha.. After i admit at my college, I stay with my family again and my sister continued staying with grandma for 1 year if im not mistaken..then until cute little cousin Stephanie Jee continued our mission in keep accompany grandma so that she will never been alone in her big house.. hohohoho.. So worried maa.. She almost 70 years old la.. heee.. :D

But not to grandma still strong..hahahaha.. I loves her so so much.. Muacckksss.. :D

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