Friday, June 6, 2008

Damn Bored and News :P

Damn bored today. I heard this song so many times..i mean dibadai asmara n kau tetap dalam anganku.. It gives much meaning to me.. I dont know but I listen to this stuff so many times until i cant calculate it. arghhhh... I think I miss someone very much. Dont have to mention it or i need to mention it? hahahahah.. Today not much I can do. Just wake up at 12 noon and LEPAK with my aunty n my nanny. Then, go back home n on9 listen to the music n take a nap..uwaaa.. so bored right? My mum always scold me when im asking for outing.. Better i stay at home and avoid her to scolded me all the time..

By the way, I wanna tell u guys that I have met a new friend. I think his name is IPIN. I know his nickname - Bug.
e's good n friendly. He's one of DJ at #miasara.. :D He's good for being friend..

Erm.. I got news from my sis, Kak Nur that my ex Adopted brother will engaged This weekend with his choices Miss Hizza. He didnt tell me just i know tru my sis. But its OK.. I understand because something happen between us 3 month ago. Im ok with that. No heart feeling OK. Because HE's such a Good BIG BRO to me last year. :)

I hope both of u happily ever after 8/6/2008

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