Friday, December 26, 2008

2nd of Christmas

Wohoooooo..... Some fun through my day this one whole day. :D I woke up at 10.00 am this morning. Actually I ask Amit to accompany me to my journey this morning. And I ask Ola to accompany me today but unlucky she's started her KERJA today. :(( Finally I ask Cindy @ Cindut to keep accompany me. I drove to Cindut house first at 10.30am. Fetching her. Then I drove to Lily house. Waiting for her and her boyfriend for fetching both of us riding in with her car. I left my car at Lily's rent house. Safe la dari aku meninggalkan kereta di kolej.. ewuuu..!!

Then, we waiting for cedrine, azizul, clarence, Jacks
on and tiong around a half and hour. Kira konvoi ah. We started our journey to Jesseca house at Taman Malihah. Datang saja..terus makan!!. ahurhreuhauheaua.. then....pesta tuak, langkau perghh macam2.. Gila betul. Alvin seorang la yg kuat giler minum. Clarence allergic causes his face and his whole body getting warm and red. Kecian dia. Then, we continued our journey to Cedrine house. Not too far from Jess' house. Makan - makan again!! My KG will naik this month :(. Kena jugak pesta langkau, tuak. Gila siut. I'll show you some picture. :D

Cedrine younger brother, :P cute boy. really.

makan-makan :D
US. Pecah rumah org right? heuheuheu
lily and beatrice, cedrine sister.
me and beatrice no 2. haha.. she's my aunty.
After that, me and beatrice went back to my bidayuh village. Kite karaoke oi.HUehuheue.. Long time ago no karaoke. Best. really fun karaoke with my uncle. hueheuheu.. went back home at 5.30pm. Letihh siut... Send my aunty to her house. About 2 minutes from my house. heuheuehuehue.. Back home and my nose getting more worst with my flu. I'm fluuu!!!. I hate it. :(

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