Saturday, December 13, 2008

stay here :P

where am I? Find me. Lalalalala
HAahahha.. :)

me in blue up there..sukan Malaysia .hahaha

me in between them :P

walaa :D

Wohhoo.. I found some of my old-skool items. :D Let's me represent.. wahaa :)
Just scan some picture. :D
My exam week will be started at 17 December. :''((
This is my schedule
Diagnostic Hematology 17.12.2008
Paracytology 18.12.2008
Cytology II 19.12.2008
Prakticun Immunohematology Clinical III 20.12.2008
Biochemistry Clinical II 22.12.2008

Tarikh Kiamat woo. :P
Me want a guitar. Haihh daddy.. :((

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