Sunday, December 14, 2008

du gen da da la la :p

Today is Sunday. I need to make my revision la. But I'm M.A.L.A.S :D My first paper will be held this Wednesday. Tomorrow me and mum pegi klinik woo. :( xsehat woo. :(

Today my grandma house full-fill with her child. All of my dad's brother sister lepak-lepak together. Hahaha.. Something happens actually. Kerja tebang menebang.. Here I set some picture :)

In front of my sweet home :D

my dad's big brother , Abak :)

My aunty's. Dad's sister :P
My dad with his BAG. HAHA ( stomach)
Between my sweet home and my cuzzies home :p

We're so rajin anyway. Hahahaha. Hari gotong-royong. Hehehehe.. But, I didn't do anything. Hahaha.. Just be the main mandur. Hahahahaha..

Yesterday, again someone or some-three stole the main cabal-transformer. I think almost 3 or 4 in the morning. Because I just woke up after I heard police huha huha huha outside. But, I'm not listening to the Sally bark here and there. Because I'm half-dead. Hahahaahahaa. Mudah mudahan pencuri kabel yaaa mampus ini malam :P

One whole day current no-electrical. tuiii... so panas, so handphone need to be charge. Then, the sesco came late. Luckily before 3pm, they complete their job. I can on9, charging my phone. :DD
3pm my parents left me alone. They went to cinema watching movie. Aku ditinggalkan. Mummy sempat asking for cooking some dishes. Tuiiiii.. she thought i'm her servant apa.. huhu. But, I still cook for them a chicken rice with butter chicken. Delicious right? mmm.. Hahahaa.. Tomorrow my sis back home from village.. Lama betul kat kampung.. tuiii....

Is it I story-ed too much? huhuhu.. Bah... I want to layan my baby. I'll update later k. Daaa..gudnites guy. :P


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