Thursday, December 11, 2008


Let me make a conclusion of what happen in this week.

Saturday, 6 December - been going to Bau againnnnn... Just for a VACATION..chewahh.. just for jalan2 therefore accompany my Vevien, my bestie jalan-jalan.. Long time I didn't spend my time for her. Dia cuti Saya ada kelas.. So how?But, at least I try to find some times for us for having some fun together. Cukup la.. At least I try ok..huhuhu...

After that as usual I'm busy with my college daily. So, it's not interesting. heuehuehueehuehu......

I'm waiting for Chasya coming this end of this month.. We have some plans together. :D crime partner? is it? kenjit partner is it? hahahahhahaha..

She's my kenjet partner.. She loves me.. Hahahahaha
I'll update as soon as possible. Mid term getting nearer. So,maybe I didn't update my blog for a while. Sorry guys :(


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