Tuesday, November 18, 2008

diary moonlight

Feel bad la.. This sem really ache me so much. So many things that I'd have to done it as soon as possible. Not really comfirtable with my own room with the hard smelly paint. But I had no choice.. Have to. wuwuwuwu :(|)

But im glad my room changes into purple colour..Luckily not in PINK colour. Hahaa..my sis...kalah la u... wekkk :p

Everybody going on holiday for a few weeks from now. But me? I've just started my class.. I think I have no CUTI.. mummyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. I'll kill the management la.. How can they didn't give any excuse on Christmas eve? Sooooo xmasuk di akal.. nahhhh~~~I'll make my own cuti. I don't care....hauaheuaehauehaeu..

I'm really2 tired. Everything surrounded me make me tired... .. Now, my bed time. Gudnites guy.. xoxo

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