Thursday, November 20, 2008

moooo..cow says hoyeahhh.. haha

I'm tired. Again, again and again. Started my class at 10.00 am until 6.00pm and NO stop. My lunch fly away lol.. hahaha... luckily I don't feel any ache on my stomach. Mean gastrik liow lo...

I don't understand..Why if I told some lect that my name is Jac and they know my full name.. 3 words over all. Is it I always make myself famous with all of my naughtiest? or? hmmm....but a little bit worry actually..huhu....But I don't even care cause I'll change my attitude.. Chaiyok2. hahahaha.. Hope for me OK. hahahaha..

It's rainy la today... Even make a hard movement here and there. Banjir here and there. Annoying dowh..

Express music 5300 su**s. I can't call anyone.. Something wrong with the speaker. Iskkk... everything is not fine.. dahhhhhhhhhh.....

I want to sleep...xoxo

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