Monday, November 17, 2008

destination ended.

Until now my friendster being sucked. I can't imagine that 369 friends listed in my fs pages dissappear macam itu saja.. hoh!! My friends totally can send me a message or comments, but differencess the other side of me.. I even can't view them... how can I left them a comment or messages? woahhh... Is it I need to add them again?Or waiting for the maintainence being normally? Then...I left this stuff behind and just wait for it to became totally normal. ahh... I've done my assignment, my drawing, my information about blood.. Tomorrow will be HIS class again. woahh!!.. I've done my blood then.. I'm ready for quiz tomorrow. And read chapter 1 until chapter 3. Like he wish.. I've DONE... I don't think so he will ask me tomorrow. haaahahahahahahhah.. I dare u haaa Mr....?

Today, before entering to any class.. Me and raula having our light lunch at Tun Jugah McD. Just want having some ice cream jak la.. But, Until, we saw chicken jalan-jalan around us.., both of us feel like @_@.... hahahaha..Just imagine what will both of us done this afternoon. around 12.30pm, I send raula back to her uni and me drove to my college for entering the 1.00pm class. Quite boring but as long SHE's not annoyed me so much, give her credits. .. Hahahaha...

Then, me back home but before that, I send a cytophatology book for printing-I borrowed my friends book. As if I can wait for the original book, I wont send that book for printing.. But I need that book for a revision.. wahhh.. so hardworking am i. Do i? -__________________-

Now... I need a Paracytology notes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Where I can get the notes? I'm sure Mr Hansley will kill me because I enter the class without any notes... wahaaaa!!!~~~ sorry la sir.. auhhh...I forgot la... uwaaaa.. harharharharharhar... Hope tomorrow will be better than today nor yesterday.. :)


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