Friday, November 14, 2008


The word family has a variety of meanings based on the individual's experiences and knowledge. I think it can be agreed upon that family is a very strong word in the English vocabulary and when mentioned people are emotionally affected. The word family can apply to several groups of people with unique relationships. A family can contain blood relatives, but it is not a requirement. In the end, I believe that the family is most commonly used for a group of people that support each other. The values and definitions that are associated with a family are changing, but everyone needs to be reminded how special it is to be a member of a loving family.
The most common thought when family is mentioned is those that are blood related. The immediate family of mother, father and kids is brought to mind for most people. However, not everybody is fortunate enough to have a loving immediate family so there are exceptions to this rule. Some may think of there extended family that consist of grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins when they hear the word family. Others may think of a family that has adopted them into their family. These are common types of families that can be seen throughout the world today. However, I feel the values associated with a family are what make a true family, whether they are related or not.
The values of a family determine the role it plays on the members lives. I believe an essential characteristic of a family is caring for one another. The willingness to do anything for a group of people makes individuals a family. This group could simply be a group of individuals with the same religious beliefs or even a close group of friends. Caring can include raising a young child or supporting an aging elder. Another trait of a family is respect for one another. A family member should understand other members' feelings and be willing to take the appropriate action.


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Some food for thought... :)
Maybe the time has gone, the faces, I recall but things in this
change very slowly, if they ever change at all....The scary part
being that we've all been hit with change lately, and it
doesn't seem to have come slowly at all. Do you remember the
day you left home? I'm sure that you do. But I'll bet that what
you remember even more clearly were the days in the week before
you left. You know......the days that you spent getting
addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses and trying to
figure out how to say good-bye to everyone that you've loved for
as long as you could remember. Do you remember standing by your
best friend's car one night, after midnight, trying to sum up
the meaning of a friendship you'd managed to maintain through
thick and
thin for years? Do you remember how hard that was, to think of
how to say good-bye to that one person? It was nearly
impossible, wasn't it, to give them that one last hug and
turnaround and walk inside? I'll bet the part of what you
remember was the night before you left, kissing your boyfriend
or girlfriend good-bye one last time. Just knowing that you'd
have to turn around and walk back inside was almost motivation
enough not to leave. Stepping back to take one last look at that
person you love--it's really scary. And you go and you tell
yourself that you won't ever find someone new. You won't ever
replace your old friends.
You'll never fall in love again. It's really crazy, what kinds
of things can happen when you don't for them to.

I hope u understand XOXO

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