Sunday, July 18, 2010

i really can't help myself from thinking of u.

i really can't help myself from thinking of u. i hate it when i have to staring at your picture and be sad suddenly. same as now. I do the same thing..

I stop writing my diary between you and me because it's all about us since the day I know your name. Weird but now i realize, I wrote one story about you and me since I know you. Seriously I even don't know why i keep writing about us before. When i read it again, i keep smiling. Now I realize how much I love you. :) But we are not meant to be together. I wish I can care of you in my whole life.

I never realize when i start to know u.. when i start to figure out who are u. very secretive...very hard to figure out. But i try.....even though i know how hard it is, but i keep trying till the end.

I'm sorry for inter frame in your life before. I love u very much. I miss u .... as long as i have your picture, its the best medicine i ever had now. But i hope to see u even just for a short while. But i know it's really impossible. :( :( :(

it's been a year since i've known him. can't barely deny that he stolen a bit spaces in my heart. lately, i didn't realize when does it started but i found myself missing him each day onwards. it is such a shame to admit that, what a big impact he have brought to my life. .

The more i get to know you, the more i really care. . . for all of my life you know,i'll always be right there.

9 April 2010 : I ask someone, who is he? Student? Lecturer? Or Someone else? not handsome but attractive. haha
12 May 2010 : I added him in this social network. :)
27 May 2010 : I'm searching for him. Lost in space. He's in Miri for Gawai celebration. I cant sleep.. he's always appear in my mind.. I call someone to get through to him. just to know whether he's doing well or not...kenapa plak amik berat ni kan??. is it i start missing him already?Try to be on the phone with him but he refused. :) He promised me to give his phone number after i came back from KL.
22 June 2010 : I met him after his holiday at somewhere. Keep on silence. :) curi2 pandang.. hehe. :)
6 July 2010 : I tried my best asking for his phone number. Crazy. hahah. I don't even recognize myself. Asking for a phone number from a man? oh my God. haha. :) i didn't get his phone number by the way. haha
7 July 2010 : I try again. Hahaha. I'll remember this sweet moment. I'm asking for his phone number for a second time. In front of his friends. Yes, i have his phone number. i dont know what im gonna do with his phone number.,I just sent a message wish him a goodnight and sweetdreams. He replied me back goodnight :). giler aku happy. haha
8 July 2010 : I called him ask him for a date. Hahahaha. So not me. He said YES.
10 July 2010 : I meet him again with his friend.
11 July 2010 : I made a mistake...........i stop writing my diary after my own mistake.

* the important date* not complete by the way... short happy moment that remind me of someone.

will not be continue...... stop by here right now. :)

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