Sunday, June 6, 2010

care what? june's activities

retarded.. i dont care...

this two girls rock my day :P
my sister...only sister.. i hate u! haha

So many things shit happen within a week. Nothing SHIT happened. HAhahaha. I miss my dear very much.. VERY MUCH ok. :((. from 31st of May until now 6 Jun... there's messy things happen.. woot woot.. met new friend....lily's here in kuching. Lepaking untill sunny in the morning.....

1st june : Gawai mode... Drive until sematan,.. woot woot. Met up cayrole masmin and her friends.

2nd june : Lepaking with lily in her place in kuching then off to Bus Terminal, said goodbye to Frankie.. He's came back to his place in Miri. hehe. Oon belanja mek org eskrem di Secret Recipe. :P Thanks bro. :P

3nd June : Lepaking with lily again with oon and his friend at boyan until 1.00am . adeh...

4th june : keja.. i dont know what am i doing time keja. huhuu. lunch with lily and cedrine. then, play play and play...

5th june : hafiz got a food poisoning, we off to hospital with chasya and my sister... she's at kuching now. woot2. we jalan2 until in the morning.lepakinggg...guitaring, webcaming..everything ing~ing. huhu..and im off with chasya friend until 6 am. gasakk jak siaaa.

6th june : bersambung. ngaahhaa.. i slept at 8.00am in the morning. wake up at 11am. off to karaoke.. shit..not a good place.. sekali dan terakhir kali. :P Then, went to Hock lee for gaming and window shopping a little while. Went back home, take a nap..kononnnnn !! until 9.00pm. How am i going to sleep after this? shit meh.

7th june: keja again.. oh my God... wednesday please come foward faster.. eeee..

p/s : 9 hari dah aku x ninga ia reriak..lelengau mat ku ke ia. kini d bie ? :(

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