Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day... woahhhh!!~~

Daddy!! Thanks for growing us as the naughtiest daughters that u own since 21 years ago. hahahahaha.. As u know, I'm still studying and U had pleasure us and having our dinner.. Our simple dnner but meaningfull. I don't feel that I lacked anything in my childhood relationship with him. He put in long hours work outside, then came home, ate the food that my mother placed in front of him, read the paper, and went to his study to do more work. Although there is always some ego in wanting to be successful, his prime motivation was a sense of duty to his family. This was the way a father should behave. Yet with all that extra time today's fathers spend pootling around and generally hanging out with their children, the need to provide is as pressing as it ever was.

Did he have any thoughts, I wondered, on the changing role of the father as child-rearer in modern society. "Lot of bloody nonsense," came the voice down the line from Lisbon.

Happy Father's Day, Dad.

dinner :)

boring petang tadi daaa~~ what do u think about me? nahh~ my class. PEMALAS. what subject is this? i wonder ??

cookies that I'd made.. cookies chocolate chips.

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