Tuesday, May 12, 2009

marry go around

I'm back from jalan-jalan with my crazy cuzzies. Huehuehuehueh. I'm sure they'll read this after this. muahahahahaha :p~

This is so suddenly. Supposed be only sending stephanie ( fen ) to her tuition center. Therefore, kite orang ambil kesempatan and were having our journey to The Spring.

merasalah kan candid! hakhakhak
Pusing-pusing the shopping complex and finally stuck at MPH book store! Two sisters apa lagi, beli novel sampai dua.
aku curi. wkaakakaka
My sister was the most shame-less girl I think!!! Beli buku DORAEMON. errrrr~~ What is your opinion dowh?

Then, we went back and were having our dinner at the Peach Garden. My favourite dumplinggggg takda!!!! I was ermmmmmmmm frustrated. The main reason for me being there was the DUMPLING. ngaaa~~ So, I had my nasi lemak with finger fishes, chicken pop corn, etc. Can't remember. Too many dishes. Hakahakhakhak. Bam kan aku! wkakakaakakaka. neverminddd!!! my sister keluar $$$. hakhak . Even-ly I had one glass of watermelon juice and one glass for sugar cane juice!! hakhak. haus dowh!


Then, maked a move to 7th miles again fetching fen from her tuition center. Before that, sempat la we all shopping at new guardians at 7th miles near to KFC. Aduhh!!! my eyes rambang . LOL. I bought a silky girl products which is a lipstick and a set of eyeshadow.. Ahhhh~~ My $$$ melayang again. My sister and BB also spend their money to their own uses.

Then, we went back home. Nahh~~


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