Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Yesterday was such a meaningful day. Yesterday was a mother's day. :p~ My dad had booked a restaurant for our dinner. Though, we brought along granny ( father's side) to this dinner. Just a simple dishes. All of the tables were booking by others people who celebrated mother's day. I'm glad to see grandmothers,who can we call Mama surround us. But, now which is i'm only a student, I can't effort to buy something for my mom or my grandma. :(( nevermind.... wait until I'll be a successful woman. :P~

pencuci mulut? first picture ka? huh. malas edit.
yummy!! tp I didn't eat the steam fish and the prawns. huhu
my nannyyyyy!!! .. :P~ masih bergaya isn't ?

my mom and my sis.
Happy Mother's day!!! I love my mom very much even though everyday we BERGADUH like dog and cat! :P~

p/s : I feel good with this internet line today. :P~

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