Sunday, August 17, 2008

stand up!

Woot!!Woot!! I'm blogging again my dear.. Hahahaha... This two days, there were a sports carnival among all the IPTS ( institusi pengajian tinggi swasta) which is held at MMC. known as Multimedia College at Semariang. Hah... if ure not from Kuching, U'll not realize..wkakakakakaka... What I can told you that PTPL was the overall winner among all of the college. :DD heeee :D that will make Tuan Haji kembang -________________________________-

netball team on Friday evening. :P the winner :D

badminton team :P

UNITAR pom pom girl and the supportes.

P/s Not in this blog. Picture of futsal and volleyball. :(( but nevermind.. I'll get it as soon as possible.. hee :D

Got to Go.. Byee.. I'll blogging later but i dont know when.. :D wait oK..

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