Tuesday, August 19, 2008

wohoo wooo!!! betchess

Dude .. I'm blogging again.. Heee :D Short form or point form. I'm lazy..much lazy for blogging likey one paragraph or more than one.

  • My badan gatal-gatal last night. I don't know why. And It makes me not in comfortable. And I doesn't use any shirt for sleep. haihh :(
  • 6.00 am. I start to get into JAMBAN. 3 or 4 times. Sucks... I hate jamban actually. Until Chica (ola) hehe call me asking for keluar for a moment. From 2.00 pm until our class started at 3.30pm. Hohh!!
  • going to Crown Square and Hock Lee Centre. Window shopping for her dresses that suit for her graduation.. heee :D
  • before I said to raula that gladiators is not beautiful at all.. Likey tikar but.. I'm started to love all of this stuff when I saw them with my own.. Heeeeeeeeeeeee :D very2 cute.. really maa.. :DD.. i'll show u the gladiators that me and raula seen today... But not now.. :( the pic is in my another lappy n im lazy to pick it up..wakkakaakakak :DD
  • Seriously Im not in a good mood for entering any of my classes for this 2 weeks.. My lecturer annoying me very2 much.. Really2 hate them..Ya yaa I'm not supposed to hate them as well but harrgghhh... When you study at PTPl, u'll know.
    News is they want SPM result as soon as possible... But for what????????? they mention that, we'll not able to sit in for final exam if we didn't give then the slip result.. pegi mampuss laaa ptpl. cam harem.. cam sial..sume arr... rase nak cepat2 blaaaa ah...
I'm not so in my mood. Moody.. susah ah cam niiii... Make me malas jer masuk kelas... :((

p/s Rindu ah myy gendut :(

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