Thursday, August 21, 2008

i love thw way u are. (100 posts)

erm.. what can I say about the hundred post? I used to enter my class 10.30 but I didn't. I don't feel to. I decide to enter the 3.30pm class. With Sir Musa. SHE perli ME again in the class. Sial.. Babi.. I hate her. I wish that ALIEN would'nt lec my class for the next semester. I hate to see her face again. There's more 9 times erm.. 3 weeks left for me to see her ALIEN face. Only my classmate would know who is she probably. Sukati aku la wehhh nak buat apa pun dalam kelas.. Not ure bussiness la.. Jaga tepi kain orang jak. I pay ure salary la minah so? UP to me la apa aku nak buat. Even my mentor more harimau but she's not like you. You tak garang tapi you cam sial..babi haram.

I'm bored here actually. Watching OLIMPIK.. Semangat wehh.. :D ah... why this month I feel damn bored. Is it because of the weather? environment? health? college? lecturer? assignment? huhu.. The answer is unlimited. All of the causes that I mention. huhuhu sweat drop la weiii...

I had dance practise last night.. woot woot!! My dad ask me weather that I want to follow him with mom watching SUSUK. SO, automatically I said YESSSS... Why damn bored right now. But seriously SUSUK much boringggggggggggg....I rather stay at home and rest or sleep. Thats why I don't like watching any Malay MOvie. Damn bored. Haihhh :sigh: no more ha...

Back at home at 11.30pm continued with Indonesia SInetron-INTAN. hahahaha.. I watched Intan just because of my little sister, Jess. Enjoy jugak walaupunnnnnn ... hahaha. 12 am chat with CHICA-raula.. haha.. until 2 in the morning. Haih, kalau tak disuruh tido, alamat x tido....Maka kelas kul 8.30 pagi.. oooo gaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.....tido nunnnnnnnnn.... hahahhaha. do u remember uga uga uga uh uh ah ah...wakkakaakkaakakakak... sakit perut ku tetak..gaiiii...

as what did I promised to you last tuesday, I promised to show off the pic of that gladiators. seen before
nasebb la sapa pun kaki tok..hahahahahaahahah

i prefer white. heee :D this is my saiz..sorry raula.. u cant fit it..hahahah

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