Friday, August 15, 2008

woot woot!!!

heeee heee :D I'm blogging again. erm... can be today will be the history of Ola. hahaha.. Eyebrow plucked???? hahahah.. that make her totally CHANGES. go and find it by urself. She's gonna kill me if I publish her another photo at SCR Tabuan Heights this afternoon. I don't dare.. ahhaahahahaha... Come on ola...Just because of the SMALL pimpless... come on girl...just a small matter...wkakkaakakkakakkaakaakkaak....opsss sorry babe.

I have to come back to my college about 2.00pm for the presentation.. But!!!!!! OMG............... I feel want to break this earth and divide it into 4 slices....let's not discuss about the presentation.. It makes my blood will be in high preassure. :sigh:

Oh no.. My idea stuck again. You know what, I miss my Gendut actually. Hurm...but since 2 days he got his cough and ASTHMA, i just let him sleep after taking his medicine for his own good. I won't force him to accmpany me one whole night.. If he feel better, i would let him. If he still in bad condition, he had to take his medicine and SLEEP.He has to work also.. Thats why. Luckily I have Ola Chica for accompany me one whole night..wkakakakakka. thanks babe... I hope HE will be good for another few days. I dont want because of me, he try to sleep at the midnight to accompany me. I won't let him ..hmm... I miss him alot :(

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